Bound To Drive You Crazy

from by BluesMotel





Can't seem to figure you out
But I know what you're about
Now, I got something brewing here, baby
And I don't want you to make a sound
Cause when the blues overtakes me
I'm-a bound to drive you crazy

I ain't waiting to find out
If you are good enough for me
I ain't take it easy on ya, honey
Cause last thing I heard, you liked it rough
And when the blues overtakes me
Oh, it's bound to drive you crazy
[Oh man, it's gonna drive you insane]

Well, I'm-a like a lunatic on the ward
I'm insane, but I think I got a mission
Yeaheaheah, I, I, I
I know I'm crazy
Like a right-wing politician
Yeah you know when the blues gonna overtake me
Yeah, it's gonna, it's gonna, it's gonna drive you crazy
[yeah baby, that's what I said, come on]

[A lot 'o mwuhaha's]
Ahh, when the blues overtakes me
It's gonna gonna drive you crazy
[Yeah, it's gonna drive you insane]
[Insanity is just a way of life, ain't nothing wrong with that]
[Where am I goin' to? I don't know]
[I, I just lost it, man]



from Bound To Drive You Crazy, released October 15, 2011
Written by Micha Sprenger & Kevin de Harde


all rights reserved



BluesMotel Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dat was het dan. Het laatste optreden van BluesMotel is achter de rug. We willen alle fans bedanken voor hun steun en enthousiasme de afgelopen jaren! Als afscheidscadeau zijn onzer beide album nu geheel voor niets en ook gratis te downloaden vanuit uw eigen internetbuizen! ... more

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